Sierra MCRF Cheer Information

The Sierra Warriors Youth Cheer (SWYC) program is dedicated to contributing to the production of local athletes through self-motivation, hard work, and responsibility. We strongly emphasize the importance of safety, dedication, and discipline, while maintaining a positive attitude.

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Players must provide the SWYC Program/Tri-County Football League with a photocopy of a valid birth certificate, and an up-to-date health evaluation from a physician each season. Health evaluations are valid for a period of one year and MUST be valid throughout the duration of the cheer season, which includes but is not limited to Tri-County Competition and JAMZ Nationals.

Players and their families must agree to adhere to all league and organization rules and contracts, which include several “Code of Conduct” contracts. SWYC, MCRF, and Tri-County Football pride themselves in providing a positive environment for their players/athletes, coaches, volunteers, fans, and families. We ask that all athletes and fans maintain a respectful attitude at all events and practices. This program cannot succeed without the volunteer support of its members. Therefore, it is a requirement for all families to contribute volunteer hours during the regular season.

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation!


Our coaches and advisors are background checked through the National Center for Safety Initiatives in partnership with the National Council of Youth Sports in accordance with Tri-County Youth Football. Our SWYC coaches and advisors are YCADA certified and maintain up to date knowledge of proper safety procedures and strategies that pertain to this sport. Our program divides cheerleaders into four separate teams based on age requirements and grade level.

Coaching Staff

  • Pee Wees Coach: Grace Stokes, Sierra High School
  • Seniors Coach: Helena O’Connell, Clovis East High School

Sierra Elite Competition Team

Coordinator & Director: Lauren O’Connell

Coaches are selected by the SWYC Program Coordinator.

Sierra MCRF Cheer
Sierra MCRF Cheer
Sierra MCRF Cheer
Sierra MCRF Cheer
Sierra MCRF Cheer