We are the Maroon and Gold! Warriors today, Chieftains tomorrow!

Who We Are

The Sierra Warriors Youth Cheer (SWYC) program is dedicated to contributing to the production of local athletes through self-motivation, hard work, and responsibility.  We strongly emphasize the importance of safety, dedication, and discipline, while maintaining a positive attitude.

The SWYC program teaches fundamental skills in the art of cheerleading – which includes dance and stunting – that its members will carry with them throughout their lives.

While it is our goal to build each team in a competitive fashion, it is also our aspiration to foster a sense of teamwork, leadership and loyalty within each of our athletes. Without developing these characteristics, we cannot be Warrior strong.

Cheerleaders are the backbone of their school’s devotion and loyalty. They promote and encourage a level of school spirit that is second to none, and are the pillar and driving force behind their school’s fans and supporters.


Cheerleading has deep roots within America’s history. The first “pep” club was formed on the East Coast campus of prestigious Ivy League Princeton University, and it was ALL MALE! It wasn’t until 1923 that women were allowed to join these popular campus teams, with the number of female team members drastically increasing during World War II. Today, Cheer teams can be found on almost every high school and college campus in the nation. It has grown from one male pep squad to a competitive Olympic sport.

2019 Sierra Warrior Youth Cheer Age Cutoff

Mascot Cheer

Pee Wees



Ages 4 – 6

Grades 2nd thru 4th

Grades 5th and 6th

Grades 7th and 8th

Important Dates

August 1st and 2nd

November 5th

Cheer Camp @ Sierra High School

JAMZ Tri-County Cheer Competition @ Selland Arena

Also see Schedule Page