Team Commissioners

Our coaching staff is one of the best around. They take great pride in working with kids to empower them to play at their full potential.

Mandy McGrath

Mandy McGrath

Football Commissioner
Mandy had been on and off the MCRF board over the last 18 years.
Eric Skierka

Eric Skierka

Baseball Commissioner
Eric started helping MCRF in 2013 and has recently been named Baseball Commissioner.

Lauren O'Connell

Sierra MCRF Vice President & Cheer Coordinator
Lauren promotes a healthy lifestyle and dedicated work ethic within the MCRF Cheer program, as do the coaches she selects to teach and mentor the athletes throughout each season.
Chris Page

Chris Page

Softball Commissioner
This past November, Chris and his family relocated from Clovis to the Prather area.

Janeen McCorkle

Swim Commissioner
Sports are an important part of helping children grow up. Children need to learn early how to be coachable.