Welcome to Sierra MCRF Youth Football! We have changed football leagues this year and we are now in the Central Valley Youth Football League!!! So there are a few new things that go along with this move.

Registration Info

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Youth Football

Season begins for all Sierra MCRF Youth Football Teams on:

Monday July 22, 2019 @ 5:30 pm

Located at the Sierra High School Upper Practice Fields.

Registration fee is $125/per player until July 22nd. See additional rates below. There will not be any more late sign ups after August 31st. A physical is needed before they can practice or play in a game.

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Carnival Dates

  • August 4th | Pee Wee Carnival
  • August 11th | Juniors & Seniors Carnival

Game Schedule

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The principle is competing against yourself. It’s about self-improvement, about being better than you were the day before. - Steve Young


  • $125/per player – Until July 22nd
  • $150/per player – Until August 2nd
  • $175/per player – Until August 31st
Family Cap
  • $225 – Until June 30th
  • $275 – Until July 28th
  • No Cap – After July 28th

Team Age & Weight Requirements

The Central Valley Football League age and weight requirements are a little different from our previous league. We no longer have a Mighty Mites team and there are now weight limits for each age group.

Pee Wee
  • 7 – 9 yrs old / 50 – 117.2 lbs
  • Can be 6 but must turn 7 By Dec. 31st 2019
  • 10 year olds cannot turn 10 before Sept. 1st
  • 10 – 12 yrs old / 65 – 143.2 lbs
  • 10 year olds must turn 10 by Dec. 31st
  • 12 year olds cannot turn 12 before Sept. 1st, unless they are under 100lbs
  • 12 – 14 yrs old / 80 – 180.2 lbs
  • 14 year olds cannot turn 15 during the season